Yann Dalscheid, metal vocal coach

Yann Dalscheid

Born and raised in Luxembourg, Yann started his singing career at the age of 16. He was in different Metal bands like “An Apple A Day” and “Black-out Beauty” and currently Yann is performing in two of the most experienced Metal Bands in Luxembourg, “Kitshickers” and “Scarred”.


Throughout his career he gathered a lot of experience while recording in different Studios (Ear We Go Studio, Holtz Sound, Tidalwave Studio…), playing on local shows and festivals and touring to France, Holland, Germany, Portugal, Slovenia, Lithuania and Japan.


During the early beginnings of his career Yann missed the presence of Metal instructors in Luxembourg, therefore he wants to fill that gap by sharing his experience, knowledge and vocal techniques. He will guide you from the basics throughout your most extreme singing.