Priscila Da Costa, rocksinger and vocal coach at TSE

Priscila Da Costa

Priscila da Costa rock singer, songwriter and vocal coach. She only started her musical path later. At the age of 26, after finishing her law studies, she decided to listen to herself and radically took another path by putting all her energy into this passion that had always been buried in her: music! Today she is the leader of the group Ptolemea, singer of the experimental project Judasz & Nahimana and she is often invited to sing in other groups such as Remo Cavallini Band for example. In December 2018, after getting her diploma as Certified Instructor at The Vocalist Studio in Seattle/USA, she founded, together with Yann Dalscheid, The Singing Experience. Her goal is to transmit her passion and her knowledge of vocal technique in order to help other singers to flourish in their musical journey.

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